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Automate your business conversations with our
state-of-the-art conversational intelligence solutions.
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AI: Hi!
User: Hello there! Where can I find the return policy?

Increase efficiency

Solve repetitive problems automatically with Conversational AI

Gain insight

Get powerful visibility into your conversations with AI-powered analysis

Get the experts

Work with a team of AI PhD's and software engineers to customize your solutions

Who we are

We've built state-of-the-art systems for DARPA and written the state-of-the-art research papers on everything from human-AI cooperation to linguistic inference to semantic parsing. Our team has everything from computer science professors at Stanford and CMU to screen writers in LA. There's no modest way to say it: we're the best team for human-in-the-loop conversational AI anywhere in the world.

Our approach

People begin conversations with an Eloquent AI system
Eloquent’s cloud-based AI engine handles all common conversations
The uncommon questions are forwarded to your team to handle

Our Solutions

AI Powered Helpdesk

AI Powered Helpdesk

Never answer the same question twice. Add questions to the knowledge base as you work, and let the AI learn to answer that question for future customers.

Conversational AI

Proactive problem resolution

Provide solutions, as well as answers. Eloquent’s state-of-the-art AI engine can automate complex workflows to reach out and proactively resolve customer issues.

Intelligent routing

Intelligent routing

Sometimes customers just need that human touch. Since we’ve built our entire platform from the ground up with AI+humans in mind, the handoff from AI to human couldn’t be easier.

Actionable customer analytics

Actionable customer analytics

Context is important. Our AI aggregates customer metadata and collects structured information from your live chat automatically, displaying it right in the chat interface.
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