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Handle your common support requests with AI.
Free your reps to build long-term human connections.
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Be online all night

Provide responsive round-the-clock support with Conversational AI

Work less

Solve repetitive problems automatically with Conversational AI

Stay personal

Use a corporate tool that doesn’t feel like it was designed by corporate tools

How it works

Customers begin conversations with Eloquent's chat widget
Eloquent’s cloud-based AI engine handles all common conversations
The uncommon issues are forwarded to your reps to handle

Enhance your support

Task-oriented Conversational AI

Task-oriented dialog AI

Provide solutions, as well as answers. Eloquent’s state-of-the-art AI engine understands your system of record, so it can automate complex workflow in addition to answering questions.

Adaptive knowledge base

Adaptive knowledge base

Never answer the same question twice. Add questions to the knowledge base as you work, and let the AI learn to answer that question for future customers.

Dynamic handoff

Dynamic handoff

Sometimes customers just need that human touch. Since we’ve built our entire platform from the ground up with AI+humans in mind, the handoff from AI to human couldn’t be easier.

Actionable customer analytics

Actionable customer analytics

Context is important. Our AI aggregates customer metadata and collects structured information from your live chat automatically, displaying it right in the chat interface.

Unlimited seats

Unlimited seats

Collaboration is key to successful support organizations. At Eloquent, we appreciate that, and want to reward your growth. We give you unlimited seats, and powerful collaboration tools.

Integrates into your workflow

Eloquent seamlessly integrates with Shopify, Zendesk, and Email
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