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AI: Hi!
User: Hello there! Where can I find the return policy?
Superior Data Collection
In 2015 our CEO, Keenon Werling, wrote “On The Job Learning with Bayesian Decision Theory.” By building on the concepts outlined in the paper, Eloquent collects the most granular real-time data of anyone in the conversational AI space. Coupling this data with the team’s NLP expertise provides Eloquent a unique understanding of language.
Read Unstructured Documents with AI
Leverage Detailed Analytics
Achieve High Accuracy on Tiny Datasets
Automate Complex Processes
Track Conversation State
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Intelligent Implementation
An often overlooked aspect of AI in the enterprise is the implementation process. Whether you’re beginning your AI journey internally or are ready to automate external conversations, Eloquent provides implementation tools and services to begin in a matter of days.
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Step 1:
Build a Knowledge Base Automatically with Elq
Internal implementation begins with Elq reading documents to understand your business (website, training materials, etc.) and answering employee questions. For questions that Elq can’t answer from documents, Elq hosts a conversation to learn the answer. Elq grows to understand not only your internal documentation, but naturally gathers years of expertise from your best employees.
3 months
Step 2:
Serve Customers with Elle
Elle can answer FAQs from customers and provide them answers from material it’s read. Elle works side by side with Elq, using information collected previously to instantly serve customers.
6 months
Step 3:
Integrate for Process Automation
Eloquent Labs will configure integrations to automate processes. Things like quotes, tracking, returns, and payment can all be automated with a customized, conversational flow.
9 months
Step 4:
Add Personality and Brand to Elle
It’s important for customer facing businesses to personalize Elle. Eloquent provides a talented script writer to work with enterprises and ensure the AI gives the personality that the brand would like to portray.
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