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Open Positions
Back-end engineer

As a backend engineer you’ll work on resilient and fault tolerant infrastructure to deliver compute-intensive artificial intelligence applications. Our applications are critical for our customers to get their work done, so down-time is not an option. Combining aggressive uptime goals with the fact that the algorithms for automating real-time chat require lots of context and are therefore not trivial to distribute makes for interesting systems challenges. Navigating these challenges will be your day-to-day.

No two days are the same for a backend engineer at Eloquent, but you can expect to:

  • Work on challenging distributed systems problems in Java, Python, and C
  • Be a perfectionist about code quality, reliability and uptime
  • Have a deep influence on the architecture and implementation of our systems
  • Work on a very fast release cycle

We value backend engineers who can ship code that does its job and almost never crashes.

NLP research scientist

As a NLP research scientist you’ll be working on solving customer problems with novel approaches and algorithms. The focus of your problem-solving at Eloquent is on the product, not the algorithms. While you will do your fair share of hyperparameter tuning and architecture search, you will spend even more time on ensuring that you define your research problems in a way that will serve the product, and collecting the perfect training sets to ensure excellent real world performance. We’re not ideologically opposed to you using a rule-based system when that’s the best approach, and we love it when you shamelessly apply psychological tricks to the product instead of embarking on a big research project.

No two days are the same for an NLP research scientist at Eloquent, but you can expect to:

  • Interpret user feedback and participate in product design discussions
  • Define creative research directions that will solve customer problems
  • Collect and tune new datasets to support novel research
  • Train state of the art models that ship to customers on a fast release cycle

We value NLP research scientists who can come up with creative ways to *not* have to solve a research problem, and instead solve the problem with a product tweak.

HCI research scientist

As an HCI research scientist you’ll be working on the hard human problems that crop up when deeply integrating algorithms into people’s workflow, and when deeply integrating people into algorithms. Our algorithms perform best when we have fast and accurate responses from people in the system whose input is requested. You’ll make huge contributions to the performance of the whole product when you discover new interface designs that optimize user behavior by even 10%. You’ll also work on tuning the workflow of people who use the product and call out to our algorithms for assistance. You’ll contribute lots of code, run user studies, and help make big product decisions.

No two days are the same for an HCI research scientist at Eloquent, but you can expect to:

  • Design and carry out user experiments
  • Have a very important voice in product design discussions
  • Write lots of code
  • Ship fixes and tweaks on a fast release cycle

We value HCI research scientists who identify and exploit opportunities in the interface and the workflow to increase user performance.

Software engineering intern

As a software engineering intern you’ll have a chance to work on code throughout the stack. You’ll learn from world-class mentors, and have a chance to ship your own code to real users routinely. You’ll be expected to grow and develop as an engineer throughout the summer, and make real contributions of lasting value to the company.

No two days are the same for a software engineering intern at Eloquent, but you can expect to:

  • Write lots of clean, unit tested, careful code
  • Spend time in one-on-one advising meetings with our senior engineers
  • Learn lots of new languages and paradigms
  • Participate in product design meetings

We value software engineering interns who demonstrate significant growth during their time with us.

Front-end engineer

As a frontend engineer you’ll build big, beautiful and easy-to-use web applications that make people’s working lives more productive and pleasant. We firmly believe that having a great user-facing application is just as important as having great algorithms. We also believe in a collaborative design environment, so you’ll get lots of ownership and control over the sections of the frontend you’re responsible for.

No two days are the same for a frontend engineer at Eloquent, but you can expect to:

  • Build and maintain large modern web apps in React + ES6 + Flow
  • Interpret user feedback and contribute to design decisions (both visual and experience)
  • Obsess over user experience and product quality
  • Work on a very fast release cycle

We value frontend engineers who can independently and rapidly go from user complaint through design to implementation and shipped code.

Life at Eloquent

We’re passionate about pursuing and implementing the optimal solution, regardless of whether the idea comes from an intern or our CTO. Eloquent is a place where we prioritize open communication, where people can ask tough questions, and where every employee can make a significant impact on our product.

Eloquent Labs has a unique culture. We'll discuss the details of constructing an Iron Man suit at lunch and play chess or poker after work. Swing by one of our board game nights and meet the team!

Eloquent is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We strive to hire for diverse backgrounds, ideas, and identities.

Medical, dental, and vision plans
We offer top of the line insurance coverage, and will pay 80% of your premiums and 50% of any dependents' premiums.
Lunch and Snacks
At Eloquent, there is such a thing as free lunch! We go out for daily team lunches in downtown Redwood City. We also have snacks at the office for those hungry afternoons.
Commuter benefits
Whether you take Caltrain, ride your bike to work, take a Lyft from campus, or drive, we’ve got you covered. Full timers can choose between a free commuter rail pass and free parking pass.
Gym membership
Fitness is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Eloquent pays for a local gym membership for employees.
Life Balance
At Eloquent, we care about results and are flexible about everything else:
  • We have unlimited paid time off (PTO) - and we encourage at least a few weeks of vacation a year
  • Flexible working hours
  • Work from home when life demands it

We care about our employees. We’re open to suggestions and requests from employees regarding benefits.