Eloquent Language Engine

Service solutions for today's busy customers

Where is my package? It was supposed to be here yesterday :(
I'd be happy to help! Can I get an order number?
Umm I think I lost it.
That's no problem. Can I get your email?

Streamline your conversations

Elle handles common issues, eliminating wait times, driving customer loyalty and increasing the effectiveness of your team.

People begin conversations with an AI agent
Eloquent’s cloud-based AI engine handles all common conversations
The uncommon questions are forwarded to your team to handle

Maximize your people's efforts

We adapt Elle to address your team's particular needs, enhancing employee productivity and satisfaction.

Match your needs
Whatever the task, from tracking an order to getting a quote, Elle is here to serve. Our engineers configure Elle to solve problems directly related to your business.
Where is my package? It was supposed to be here yesterday
I'd be happy to help. Can I get an order number?
Umm I lost it.
No problem at all! Can I get your email?
We answer repeat questions
Save your expert and your customer's time. When someone asks a question previously answered by an expert, Elle retrieves the correct answer from your knowledge base. When a question an expert answered before comes up again, Elle delivers the expert's answer without taking the expert's valuable time or making your customer wait.
Personalized personalities
Your brand has a very specific voice. Work with our personality writer to ensure that voice shines through.
Hi there!
Good afternoon soldier. How can I be of service today?
Unified Enterprise Knowledge Base
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Eloquent's Artificial Intelligence
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For Knowledge Management:
Eloquent Knowledge
Provide smarter answers to your internal questions. Eloquent Knowledge learns from internal documentation and expert employees to organize knowledge throughout your business.
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For Conversational Support:
Language Engine
Customers expect instant, conversational answers in their channel of choice. Our state-of-the-art conversational AI has you covered.
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