Eloquent Research

Building language systems
that work outside the lab

Research is at the heart of Eloquent Labs, and we use our research as the core technology in Eloquent's solutions. Our NLP research focuses on areas with natural applications to conversational AI. Research areas include state management for task-oriented dialog, novel neural models semantic similarity, new models and datasets for reading comprehension and more.

Distinguished Research

One of the keys to Eloquent's high-accuracy conversational AI is our human-in-the-loop technology: "On The Job Learning," published by our CEO Keenon Werling at NIPS — a top conference in machine learning.

On-the-Job Learning with Bayesian Decision Theory
Awarded a Spotlight Award in NIPS 2016

In addition, papers authored by Eloquent's founders have earned Outstanding Paper awards at ACL, and one of the Best Paper awards at EMNLP. Eloquent's team has authored dozens of peer-reviewed papers.

Founded by Researchers

Eloquent's founding team reflects our commitment to research. Both Keenon and Gabor are graduates of Stanford's Natural Language Processing group.

Keenon Werling
Chief Executive Officer
B.S., Stanford
Gabor Angeli
Chief Technology Officer
B.S. Honors, Berkeley
Ph.D., Stanford
Advised by Experts

Eloquent is advised by top experts in Natural Language Processing and Human Computer Interaction.

Chris Manning
Professor, NLP
Stanford University
Chinmay Kulkarni
Assistant Professor, HCI
Carnegie Mellon University
Michael Bernstein
Assistant Professor, HCI
Stanford University
Deployed in Solutions

Research at Eloquent is responsible for the unique effectiveness of our knowledge management and conversational AI solutions.

Reading Comprehension
Open-domain question-answering over large unstructured document sets with deep neural networks.
How long do I have to return something I don’t like?
You have 30 days
Lifetime Promise
.. We provide a lifetime promise of quality. We pride ourselves on our ability to maintain customer satisfaction throughout ...
Quality Guarantee
.. any items of unsatisfactory quality upon arrival will be replaced by a new product. Upon a return of items a new product will be shipped ...
Return Policy
.. Guarantee." You are allowed to return undamaged goods within 30 days of the original purchase. Printing a return ...
Entailment and Similarity
Textual entailment and sentence similarity models for detecting previously asked (and answered) questions, even if asked syntactically differently.
Is it covered if someone gets their house burned down by somebody?
Detected previously asked: "Do our home insurance policies cover arson?"
Yes arson is covered.
Conversation State Management
Complex state awareness and sophisticated dialogue managment for dealing with rich and unpredictable conversational flows.
Where is my package? It was supposed to be here yesterday
I'd be happy to help. Can I get an order number?
Umm I lost it.
No problem at all! Can I get your email?
Always Growing

If you're interested in a career at Eloquent, introduce yourself by shooting us an email at [email protected]. Also, be sure to take a look at our careers page.